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My poetry collection, Black, from Virtual Artists Collective was published in 2013.  It can be ordered through this website (best for me—Paypal) or at independent bookstores (the site can direct you to these), Powell's, or Amazon.

It is in stock in Austin, TX at BookWoman and Malvern Books. In Oklahoma City it is carried by Full Circle Bookstore.

The best for me is if you will order from this website or buy at a reading.

The poems in Black come in large or small ways from the peoples of all the major religions and shamanism. Poems call on the traditions of every continent as well as from ancients living before times in memory. I made up modern myths too and told stories from science and everyday life.

My aim in all of it was to find the root beneath the hints and stories. What is it that we all share, that we sense beneath the surface?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Black Finalist for Writers' League of Texas 2013/2014 Book Awards

I just heard Black was selected as a Finalist in Poetry in the Writers' League of Texas 2013/2014 awards.  That feels great!  Submissions were accepted from current and former Texas writers.

I recognized the name of one of the other finalists, Sarah Cortez, who writes poems about her life as a police officer in Houston (maybe another South Texas town by now, not sure).  I love her poetry, so I feel I'm in good company.

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