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Other publications I am associated with

Just This (Zen arts magazine and writing group at the Austin Zen Center):

Just This primarily publishes poetry, essays, and visual art by the members of its

writing group, the Austin Zen Center, and associated Soto Zen centers, but will consider
submissions from others. Its weekly writing group writes to a prompt each Tuesday at 
the Austin Zen Center, Austin, Texas, and is open to the public through Meet-up. I
am a co-leader of the group and a co-editor of the blog format magazine.

All Roads Will Lead You Home (journal for Virtual Artists Collective):

All Roads welcomes poetry, visual art, music, and reviews.  It is a magazine of poetry

and poetics, which welcomes mixed genre.  It welcomes submissions all year round
from anyone, not just members of the collective. I am a member of the editorial
advisory committee.

Crosstimbers: A Multicultural and Interdisciplinary Journal (University of Science 

and Arts of Oklahoma)

Crosstimbers published its last issue in 2013, completing 12 years of publication.  

Writing and art from it can be accessed at the website.  It is no longer accepting 
submissions. I was its Poetry Editor for the 12 years and in its later years its Poetry 
and Fiction Editor.

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